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Most people don't buy or sell many airplanes in a lifetime. And even if you do, the process can still be complicated with negotiations, inspections, deposits, escrow, and all that paperwork the FAA requires.

We take the mystery out of buying and selling aircraft and make it simple for anyone to complete a successful transaction. BiddingAce is both an online marketplace as well as a team of top-notch pilots and Customer Care Agents who do this for a living. We'll work with you one-on-one to make sure the entire buying and selling experience is as successful and fun as it is to be up in the air flying!

The modern way to buy and sell aircraft

Nowadays just about everything can be found on the Internet. It's fun to surf for things we want, and with hundreds of websites filled with reviews and research, aircraft buyers are pretty confident about what they're looking for by the time they're ready to buy. That's why the BiddingAce model works so well. Sellers post detailed information about their aircraft, buyers submit online offers in a time-limited bidding model, and everyone has full transparency into the closing process. BiddingAce makes it simple for anyone to buy and sell aircraft!

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